Some days around here seem sort of like Dancing with the Stars.  Without the stars, I guess.  Dancing with ordinary people, maybe.

We come out (sans costumes, most days), we learn new things, we make mistakes (which everybody hears), we help each other, we do our best, we try to follow the music that’s going on around us.  We don’t always get all tens, but we dance.

In the last few days, we’ve broadcast political debates, launched a fabulous new music show, sifted through news from around the world, produced a week’s worth of lunch time talk, wrote and recorded promos about our upcoming pledge drive, installed an entirely new way of recording pledges from our great listeners, christened a web redesign that has involved changing almost everything about everything, interviewed PHIL Music Director Andrew Constantine, shared information about bed bugs, handled a few complaints, accepted some awesome compliments and encouragements, partnered with some new businesses, and thought more creative thoughts than could be listed.

It’s a really good kind of dancing, certainly more cha cha than Viennese Waltz, seems to me.  And we do go home tired some nights, or discouraged that everything didn’t go quite right, or that we added something new that isn’t doing exactly what we thought it would do.  But I will tell you this, when things here don’t go quite right, you can be very sure, it isn’t because people aren’t trying.  And we are not standing still.

We start our fall pledge drive on Saturday, this Saturday, and pledge drive is the time when I think the dancing is the most beautiful.  It’s a ton of work, especially for membership manager David Hunter and also for Lea Denny, who coordinates volunteers (and just about everything else) and program director Kevin Kreigh, who has to make sure everything gets plugged into the right spot at the right time, and for engineer Ed Didier, who has to make sure that all the things that literally have to be plugged in are running smoothly.  So, it’s work for everybody.

But the spirit here during pledge drive is just incredible.  One, because we know we can count on each other, and we do, and we know it will all get done and be good.  Because we do not want to let each other – or you, listeners – down.

Secondly, and most importantly, it’s incredible because we know we can count on the listeners, on you.  It’s a busy time but we’re not overly stressed once we get started, because we know those phones are going to ring (and that web pledge site is going to be humming) and it’s going to work.  We’ve got some big goals (we’d like to have 1200 donors) – because we continue to have challenging needs – but we’ve got a big audience. And once we get out onto that dance floor and start the music, you really do know your part.  And we love watching it all come together.

So we’ll keep broadcasting the news (BBC will do rolling news all night tonight to cover the emergence of the Chilean miners, just so you know), great music, ME & ATC, Ricky Kemery, and the Car Talk guys.  And starting Saturday we’ll mix it up a bit for a week or so.

C’mon.  Let’s dance.


PS – If you make a contribution anytime between now and Monday morning at 9am, you’ll be entered to win an iPad. It makes us nervous when people wait until the last minute to donate, so we’re offering a little encouragement to join the fun early.  You can give at nipr.fm or call us during office hours at 452-1189.


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