I saw it on the web site. Must be true.

I posted this yesterday on our web site.  Thought I’d share it here, too.

Dear Friends:

I just wanted to use this forum to speak to our loyal listeners and members as I prepare to end my time at NIPR. While it would be wonderful to make personal contact with each person that supports our organization, to thank you for your support and involvement, that just doesn’t seem to be practical.  I have shared with our staff, board, community advisory board and others with close connections to the station that I am planning to leave my position as GM here a bit later this fall, no later than December 1.

Changes are always challenging but NIPR has a magnificent staff (and volunteers) that will be just fine.  I’m quite certain that an accomplished, passionate professional will be found to sit in the GM chair and that the great plans that we’ve made will continue forward.  I’m feeling as if my contribution has been made and that someone else may very well be able to step in and move the cause forward from this point.

We have made some difficult decisions that I, along with our board, stand behind. I have also been so privileged to be part of adding some exceptional programming elements to our days. The board has formed a search committee and has started the important work of filling the position.

We are all grateful for those of you who have reached out to offer encouragement and support, and when needed, constructive criticism.

It has been a true privilege to serve in this organization.

Many thanks,



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One response to “I saw it on the web site. Must be true.

  1. Renee Wright

    Joan, I was so saddened to read this news. I felt like you had made some courageous (and absolutely right on the mark) decisions and were steering for some really exciting new territory with the station. It’s hard to think about not having you at the helm (where did all these ship metaphors come from?) in the next few years.

    Makes me wonder about the backstory. Are you headed for some incredible new assignment?

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