This Sunday. In the Park. Jazz.

Events are not my favorite thing, from a business vantage point, but Sunday in the Park with Jazz is a whole different story.  Because there isn’t a business model, really.

It’s a day that’s not about making money, although we are so grateful to our generous corporate sponsors whose support means that we end up with black ink instead of red.  It’s a day that’s all about listening to awesome local live music in a truly remarkable downtown setting with no tickets, only open gates.  It’s about families with blankets and strollers and juice boxes and all kind of folks riding their bikes and senior jazz fans hearing their favorites (and new stuff) while they read the Sunday paper and everybody just kicking back on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s about a group of people who may not have a lot in common, but share a love of live performance and sunny Sunday afternoons and many who value public radio and like to be wherever we are.

We love it because it’s a great time for us to talk to our listeners and members and people who may not ever listen to us, but want to learn about what we have to offer. And it’s a chance for listeners to ask questions, about changes here, about future plans, about what’s down the road for NIPR.

The fun happens at Headwaters Park – West Side. Our great friends from Club Soda and Dawg’s Dogs will be back and for a few dollars you can buy a great late lunch or early supper – or both.  We’re going to have a “garage sale” of too-much-fun NIPR “prize closet”items as well as some extraordinary jazz vinyl donated by a friend of the station, with all proceeds benefitting NIPR.

But the most important piece, the music, is going to be over the top.  The Todd Harrold Band, Northeast Indiana Jazz Workshop, The Mark Van Cleave Orchestra, and Groove Caravan will all be playing during the afternoon and if you know anything about these groups, you know that there’s going to be BIG music.

It’s going to be a memorable afternoon and we hope you’ll join us.  If you need more info, give Lea a call at 452-1189.

See you there,



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