Live in the studio.

Midday Matters ArtCentric Friday has been on a summer roll of live music and today is no different.  Local legends Bob Craven and Fred Rothert are tuning up in the Harriet Parrish Performance Studio and it’s exciting.

There’s just a special kind of energy flowing when musicians perform live during a program. It’s what radio used to always be and I love it that we have space, technology, and willing hands and minds to make it happen on a fairly regular basis here. (Chief Engineer Ed Didier and Al Mozena, you’re the best!)

Bob Craven, Julia Meek, Fred Rothert

I’m really enamored with the idea – Julia’s idea, really – of having a regular evening program that features this kind of music, performed live for our listeners.  A great combination, perhaps, of incredible music heroes such as Bob and Fred, and new music, artists just coming on the scene, finding their way and blessing us with the sounds as they journey.

So much we’d like to do here.  Your input is always welcome.

Even the tuning up sounds good –




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22 responses to “Live in the studio.

  1. I think it’s a great idea as well. A weekly show like the one Julia is proposing would over time bring to light the entire panorama of musical life in this community, one that is often, I think, undervalued. There are many fine players in the area, and only a comparatively few maintain a regular public profile. Let’s bring the latent richness and variety of this vital local culture more into the open. Kudos to Julia Meek and her fine idea for a show.

  2. Lisa Vetter

    What a brilliant idea and one who’s time has come, in fact is long overdue. Please make this a reality! With such a wonderful permformance space why wouldn’t you create such a show.

  3. Julia,

    I listen to Midday Matters during my lucnh hour and truly enjoy the Friday program. As a member, I certainly support expanding the ArtCentric. There is so much good music in this city. Remember what Toast & Jam did for the music/art community. This could be a way to carry on their legacy. Go for it!!

  4. Joyce Fry

    It’s a wonderful idea and one that should happen!
    I’ve always had a great experience playing there in the studio, as well as admiring Julia’s expertise!

  5. We would love to participate in something like this. Our accustic musicians in the Department of Music are non-union and ready to brong themselves and students to the studio as long as they do not have a concert that night. I think you could expand well beyond just music. The IPFW Department of Theatre not only has musical theatre numbers, but also scenes and dialogue from great theatrical productions. Count us in !!! I would love to hear some of George Kalamaras work read on the air or short feature stories in the style of Davdi Sadaris. This has lots of potential.

  6. H Webster

    The idea of a regularly scheduled local live show has great roots in America. And the Fort has such a wide, rich, and deep cadre of musicians, it would be a shame not to add to that tradition.

    I look forward to listening!

    Cheers, H

  7. Claudia Johnson

    Who else but public radio has the passion to step up and offer quality local music performances for all to enjoy?

    Who else but Julia Meek has the connections, knowledge, and enthusiasm to step up and make it work?

    Who else but public radio listeners have the passion and dedication to step up and support it?

    Sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

    • mark paul smith

      A resounding, “Go for it!” to Julia and her live and local concept. You won’t believe how much talent is in this town. We’ll all play. You could even sell a compilation CD every so often. T-Shirts are a must. I’m seeing live concerts. Oh, my God, I’m starting to hyper-ventilate. Good luck, Mark Paul

  8. Thanks, everyone, for weighing in. We’ve been talking a lot about the idea and hope to see some action on it in the next couple months. Our goal will be to have a WIDE variety of music and we will probably tape segments for broadcast (so live to tape as opposed to live to your living room). Makes it easier to schedule a diverse mix of musicians and also to ensure great quality. Not sure of when it might air but perhaps on Thursdays prior to LBR. Our program director, Kevin Kreigh, researches and ponders and weighs in heavily on those decisions. Nice to have so much interest — we’re eager to keep moving forward! More to come . . .

  9. Deb Minnick

    What I wonderful idea! Julia would be great, as always! I am looking forward to Friday nights and great talk and music. What a treat for Fort Wayne.

  10. Jeff McDonald

    I’m a local Americana musician that has played a lot of national and regional venues with a number of major folk artists—- I’d love to do this !! Sign me up.

    Jeff McDonald

  11. Manasi

    Excellent idea – it will be fun to showcase local talent and with Julia hosting, it will have a cosy coffeeshop feel right at home. Do it!

  12. Hi,

    We love the idea of doing a live radio show! It has been a while but we did some live radio on the west coast and found it be a very rewarding endeavor.

    Sign us up!

    Steve Tyler
    Mimi Burns Band

  13. I think this idea has a lot of potential and would provide good exposure for our area musicians. I hope it can happen.

  14. Julia and Joan…..a fantastic idea ~ immediately sign CLUSTERFOLK up…..we’re ready and willing!
    Also ready and willing to help out however we can in different areas of effort.

    Thanks ladies ~ we need more forward-thinking, past-embracing, music-loving, people like you!

    I await more info and updates.

    Sorry about all the “exclamation points”, but I’m excited.

  15. Karen Schaefer

    If you’ve got a performance studio and engineers willing to work on a Friday night, I’d say go for it! I’ll listen in on the Internet from Ohio – live radio is a rarity on public (or any) radio stations these days. And if anyone can host such a program with panache and attract a following, it’s Julia!

    If you can fit a small live audience in the studio during performances, you’ll give us listeners a cozier sound, more like listening in on a concert. And if you can do a webcam stream on your website, even better!

  16. A live music show in your studio with all kinds of music?…not only a wonderful idea but remarkable that it has not already happened in that wonderful space! Let’s get it going!

  17. I would second Julia’s motion! Even though we have always enjoyed the “concert” or “coffeehouse” performances there are many reasons why it would also be nice to listen to fantastic music from your own living room! Hope this catches on.

  18. George Kalamaras

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I am completely in favor of a weekly live music show that Julia Meek would host! In fact, I can’t think of anything more exciting in the radio world right now.

    We have incredible local talent here in our midst–not just musicians, but the host as well. We have the local talent (more than normal for a city our size), with deep roots and commitment, and along with that we have one of the most experienced, inspiring radio personalities to host such a venue.

    Sure, Julia has one of the best radio voices I’ve personally ever heard. What strikes me as equally valuable in this live format, however, is Julia’s ability to think on her feet, and her always calm and collected manner, which makes radio audiences sit up and listen, wanting to be a part of a larger grass-roots community.

    Thanks for broaching the subject. Let’s give this serious thought and not let such a wonderful opportunity drift away.

    George Kalamaras

  19. Julia Meek

    Many thanks, Joan, for the mention of this great MMFA segment, as well as my dream of establishing a weekly “sound stage” venue in our very own Harriet Parrish Performance Studio.

    We are blessed w/ an incredibly rich and varied musical talent in this area, and I believe it is our duty (and honor) to share it w/ our listeners!

    Julia Meek

  20. Leo

    I had no idea you actually had a performance studio! Heck yeah, a regular evening live music program would be fantastic, especially if you get a wide range of artists in.

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