89.1 HD3 – An experiment in the alternative.

If you’re listening to 89.1 HD3 right now, you just heard a change.  Big change.  From syndicated jazz to an experiment in alternative listening – a mix of NPR programs, contemporary album music, and replays of some favorites at alternate times.  HD listeners are few and far between, but if you’re out there, give it a listen.  We’re just trying this out, to see what you think and what we think and if there’s a place in our public radio world for something a bit different.

The schedule, as it experimentally stands right now, looks like this:


If you’re tuned in and turned on, let us know.




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7 responses to “89.1 HD3 – An experiment in the alternative.

  1. Eileen Lee

    Now that I’ve tuned in (as much as is possible with one HD radio), I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with Undercurrents. It’s just the mix I’ve been missing in Fort Wayne. I like the addition of Bob Edwards, and the mix of talk programs in general. The rebroadcast of Little Bro and Sat Fade are also much appreciated. It looks like I’m needing another HD radio so I can leave the confines of the bedroom! Now here is the downside for me — I don’t care for the other music programming. But, that’s okay. I’m sure it will work for somebody else. I wouldn’t mind, however, more of the Undercurrents, even a repeat, in the after midnight hours if that’s a possibility. Also, I find the IDs not representative of the programming overall. HD3 Rock, music for the generations, etc. Kind of tacky sounding and very commercial sounding which is jarring to my ear. I’m sure there’s something better and more representative of the sound and the audience you wish to attract. Meantime, I love the alternative offerings that round out the quality sound of NIPR. PS: Can someone recommend an affordable portable HD radio?

  2. Eileen Lee


    What is “undercurrents”? I’ll be tuning in when I can to explore the music. Been looking for that sound that can’t be found in FW and hope this is it (even if it does mean buying more radios!) Of course, I’m still a big fan of classical and opera too.

  3. Mitchell

    I’d been listening to HD-3 this evening and I figured the format change reflected an technical problem that would be corrected. Imagine my surprise when I ventured over to your web site and found that not only had you sold out the jazz fans but the classical fans as well.

    I’ve defended NPR against people calling it National People’s Radio because I felt it might actually be different. Now I see the error of my ways.

    Best of luck with your new commercial format. I for one will not be listening.

  4. Do you stream your HD channels over the internet like you do with the primary SD station? I would totally listen to it from my iTunes or stream it to my phone, but as far as I know, I can’t find it online.

    • HD 1 & 2 which are simulcasting 89.1 and 94.1 are streamed, but HD 3 is not. It’s a problem but we aren’t equipped to stream three separate broadcasts. Working on it . . . $$$$ : )

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