Tomorrow. 10 am. Excitement.

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 24) at 10 am, you will be able to call in or log in and reserve a place for you and a partner to record your story. We couldn’t be more excited to see what happens when those lines open up.  In Dayton, the available spots filled up in four minutes.

About half of the possible interview slots for the three weeks or so that StoryCorps will be here (July 9 – July 31) have been filled through the diligence of community individuals and groups whose work touches very specific populations. Those places were reserved from the start for folks who might not normally hear about StoryCorps or wouldn’t think about telling their stories. By talking with very particular advocates in the community, we’ve been able to personally invite people to join this incredible oral history project.  StoryCorps – and all of us – are pleased with how that effort has worked out here.

But now comes the part where any of us, whatever our story may be, can reserve a time to sit across from a friend, family member, partner, associate, colleague, or hero and spend forty minutes or so exploring the connections. And then know, for as long as there’s a Library of Congress, that story will be catalogued and preserved, if you so desire.

When you sign up for a recording slot, you aren’t asked what your “story” is about.  There’s no “jury” on this, no committee that decides whose story is worthy of recording and keeping.  It’s an open invitation to dialogue. You’re calling all the shots here.  There will be a facilitator nearby so if you and your partner have trouble getting started, you’ll have some help.  Our StoryCorps friends tell us that often two people coming into the booth aren’t really certain of what they will talk about – they just find each other’s lives interesting and important and connected in a personal way.

There will be a few slots saved and opened up on July 10. So if you aren’t able to jump in at the head of the line tomorrow, there’ll be another small chance.

I suggest that you visit the registration page before reservations are open, just so you know what’s going on.  You can fill in pre-registration information to give you a jump-start tomorrow morning, which may help you get the time slot you’d really prefer. You can go to the NIPR home page or directly to StoryCorp registration information for the scoop.

Our special ♥ ♥ ♥ to the Allen County Public Library for making a gracious home for StoryCorps in the Washington Street lot just south of the library. You are wonderful partners for this adventure. (The StoryCorps Airstream Mobile Recording Unit will actually arrive next week, prior to the July 4th holiday in case you want to do a drive by.)

So get your dialing (or typing) digits ready.  10 am, 6/24.  Can’t wait to see your name on the list of storytellers.

It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about. ~  Tom Brokaw

Our stories matter. Every one of them.



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