Sans Brio

That’s probably not an appropriate pairing of words, but you get my drift. This morning WBNI 94.1 fm will not have Janice Furtner’s voice saying, “Good morning, good morning, this is Con Brio.”

It’s “downsizing”, that insidious word that makes sense economically for struggling organizations and companies but makes no sense to the people involved. In two years, we’ve cut this staff almost in half, and cut salaries on remaining positions when we’ve had to hire, to try to deal with financial pressures, but that doesn’t mean much when it’s you.

Contrary to some of the comments floating around, 94.1 didn’t go off the air on Friday. Still for sale, we’re not sure what the future will be.  I almost wish Friday had been its last day, too. We keep dragging out the difficult changes and it’s taking a toll on everyone – management, staff, listeners. The other two frequencies that have carried the WBNI programming, 91.3 out of Orland and its translator 88.7, changed ownership mid-week last week as the result of a sale, so those frequencies now carry the programming of Star Media.

Lots of great things about Janice have been said over the last few days and some wonderful tributes posted.  Bob Nance made some poignant comments, reminders of all Janice has done in the community, and you can find those on Bob’s blog at  Ricky Kemery, a great friend of both our stations, wrote a song for her called The Difference and it’s a great reminder of how people make a difference in our lives and is a beautiful way of saying so. And all through the day on Friday, Janice’s last day on air, there were phone calls and cards letting her know that she will be missed and that she is appreciated. She will be and she is.

There was a winsome and unusual loveliness about much of that morning, not unlike Janice herself.

“Good things always come from the bad . . . “.  That’s what I hope for Janice.


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  1. Jeff Courtright

    As the morning announcer who in 1985 coined the program name, “Con Brio,” for WBNI, I, too, lament the necessary downsizing of PBNI’s broadcast frequencies. This is happening all too often in public radio today. In the area in which I live, the Peoria public radio station opted for all news on air and streaming online. Those of us who love classical music on air must seek diligently, listen to streaming online, and catch programs such as Performance Today directly from their websites. Sad times, indeed.

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