1260 wine glasses.

That’s how many glasses it will take to serve 180 people seven wines during the wine dinner next Saturday evening. That’s not counting the glasses we’ll use during the cocktail hour wine tasting that precedes dinner.

That’s a lot of glasses. That’s a lot of wine.

We technically “sold out” and that’s not really an option, since it’s a fundraiser, so we made more room – an ordered more glasses.

I think it’s going to be a friendly, unusual, gracious, casual event.

Seems to me that people are buying tickets for several reasons:

  • They care about public radio in our community – an independent voice that brings perspectives, stories and audio sights and sounds that you can’t get anywhere else, and the news, programming, and music that come from incredible local talent. As I listened through this week to NPR’s series on traumatic brain injuries in the military, I just had to wonder where we’d hear this kind of reporting if this area didn’t have an NPR affiliate station.  It’s what we’ve come to depend on and it is not a given. We’re going to have to work to keep it and this dinner is part of that work (in the most delightful sense of work).
  • They care about the arts – in the way NIPR supports the arts, but also because our partner in this, Arts United, spreads an umbrella over the established and emerging arts in our region and lends important support to all. All the member groups of Arts United are facing challenges, I think it’s fair to say, and emerging arts and artists are always in need of support and championing.
  • They’re intrigued by unbelievable food and its pairing with fabulous wine.  Hearing Dan and Krista Stockman (Journal-Gazette’s Uncorked column) talk about the pairings Friday on Midday Matters made me realize that I haven’t really had this experience in this way before. If you were listening, you heard them talk about how pairing the gazpacho,  (“delightfully refreshing soup…tomato based …accentuated with cilantro, cool cucumbers, garden fresh mint, diced onions and tri-color peppers) would bring out the green pepper flavors, as well as many others, in the Brancott Sauvignon Blanc.  (And then, if you were listening, you heard one of the less brilliant comments made during the hour, something about are there really green peppers in that wine? I was not at my best on Friday, but they tolerated me well.)
  • They care about us, the people who are working for these organizations and they’re supporting our efforts.  Sometimes you go to things just because somebody asks you to, because they want you to share the experience, because they need your support. I’ve got a table full of people like that and there will be plenty others in the room, who have come to support staff and board members, and the larger community, really. Not a bad reason to go to an event, I’m thinking.

Whatever the reason, we couldn’t be happier.  This is Fort Wayne, so we expect the numbers will go up this week (right there with you, late responders) as the date approaches. With twists and turns and a significant amount of stress over the last three weeks or so, we’ve stumbled onto what might be a real keeper as far as events go.

We have room for you. We ordered extra glasses.


PS Best way to reserve a place now is probably to call us at 452-1189.  You can still go online, www.nipr.fm


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