The “baby stations” sign off.

We closed today on the sale of 88.7 and 91.3 so sometime in the next day or two, those two frequencies will cease to broadcast the programming of WBNI and will begin to broadcast the programming of their new owner.

While this doesn’t effect a great percentage of our listeners, but certainly it does change the airscape for some who have enjoyed classical music on those frequencies for some time.

And it is an ending. Just like Janice having her last day on Friday.  We’re feeling that, those endings.  But every ending, I hear, is a new beginning and I am thankful for the hopefulness we feel for the future.

Thanks for hanging in there with us,



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One response to “The “baby stations” sign off.

  1. Paula Rice

    Classical music, particularly locally hosted classical music and locally recorded concerts, provided by far the largest reason I had for tuning in to WBNI, which has been becoming more and more difficult, as I could receive none of the “small” frequencies in my home (within the Fort Wayne city limits) on good quality equipment. I felt the station was strongest and most enjoyable when it represented all of its formats on one frequency at 89.1 FM. I respectfully request that you give strong consideration to returning to a mixed format that serves all of your listeners. Classical music on public radio is alive and well in many, many Midwestern cities. Northeast Indiana listeners deserve to also have that option on their regular radios. What does this say about our community if it is not?

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