Setting the tone.

We’re looking for two stories to kick off our StoryCorps experience and set the tone for all the wonder that will follow. You can help.

The pieces for the July StoryCorps visit are falling into place, thanks to so many helping hands (and great minds). This is going to be an exciting community experience and we are proud, absolutely button-busting proud, to be hosting.

One of the great privileges and responsibilities of the host station is to choose and arrange the very first interviews that will be conducted on Opening Day, July 9, one at 10:30 am and the second, at 12:30 pm.  These interviews set the stage for the entire StoryCorps visit and we’re in the process of making that determination now.  StoryCorps has given us some important things to think about and I’d like to pass those insights along to all of you and then ask you to help us think of excellent “kick-off” pairs to be part of July 9 Opening Day celebrations. The best interviews are with . . .

*Unsung folks who have a connection to the history or character of our region.

*Someone with a local “first” status, for example, the first African-American teacher to teach in an integrated school.

*The oldest employee of a local institution, or someone who works way behind the scenes that we wouldn’t otherwise know, people who have unfamiliar stories about familiar places.

*A local “character” of some kind or other who is an unofficial fixture in a certain neighborhood or community.

These first two interviews are not for VIPs or celebrities or politicians, because that’s just not what StoryCorps is about.  However, there might be an unusual angle that involves a local celebrity – in Houston, one of their best interviews was when the mayor’s wife interviewed her mother-in-law, uncovering lots of wonderful stories, including one about keeping socks up with bubble gum during teen dances.

These also need to be folks who are comfortable talking with the reporters who will be with us for the kick-off, having their photo or video taken, and be willing for reporters to listen to their interview and perhaps use quotes.  Getting great publicity is important on this first day and we want to include pairs that will enjoy the process.

The best interviews, as you know if you are a SC listener, are those unexpected, poignant or funny, stories that just bubble up when two people who know each other well explore their relationship and their shared experiences.

Some of you have already sent some incredible suggestions for StoryCorps interview pairs, and I’ve got that list at hand as we start to finalize things, but please feel free to let us know of everyday people who should be urged to participate.  We might ask you to do the urging!

Interview slots will open up to the public at 10 am on June 24 and will be filled by going on-line.  You can read all the details here. Leave a comment if you want to submit names for consideration for the opening slots, or just email me directly at

Thanks for your help as we uncover the remarkable stories that make us who we are and make this such a great place to live.


PS – Even before StoryCorps, we’ve got the Wine Tasting!  You can get tickets online here.


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