You know, hula glasses!

I may have mentioned that I’m not so much an “event person”, but I have to admit, it’s getting exciting as we get ready for the Picked by the Pros Wine Dinner, June 19th, at the Arts United Center.  It’s exciting because “stuff” is starting to accumulate — interesting wines as our trustees begin to bring in their favorites for the “Trustees Choice” Basket for the auction.  And interesting other things as the auction table fills up with goodies.  I’ve told you about the trip that remains secret, but do you know about hula glasses?  You know, hula glasses!

Stemless wine glasses that do the hula on your table.  Too cute and you need a set – in bright summer colors.  Like these!    They dance, really, without spilling (if you don’t fill them too full) and you’re going to love them.  You can bid on silent auction items all during the pre-dinner tasting, starting at 4:30pm, and continuing through dinner, which will begin around 6:00.

One of last year’s most sought after items was our Trustees’ Choice Basket, with people elbowing each other to get in that last bid for the win.  Our board has grown some, so you can expect 20 bottles of great wine, favorites of our board members, to enjoy throughout the summer and beyond.  I store these treasurers in my office for safekeeping . . . maybe you should expect fifteen bottles. Kidding, really.

Wildly competitive bidding also ensued last year for the private tasting with Dan and Krista Stockman, of the Journal-Gazette’s Uncorked column. This year we’ll be “selling” the Stockmans in the live auction during dinner, along with the trip, the wines served during the Club Soda gourmet meal, hand painted wine glasses by Julia Meek, and a couple other gems..

This great decanter with a smooth wooden ball as a stopper, for those of you who actually take time to decant your wine, is another silent auction beauty.  You can’t find it anywhere else but the WBOI Wine Tasting.  (OK, I did find it somewhere and you could find it there, too, but I am making it easy on you.)

And, since you deserve a prize if you frequent this blog, when you call to order tickets, tell them you read Joan’s blog,  and you’ll get the “I am special” discount – $25 off the dinner ticket price. You can see the full menu here and you can learn more about the event here. But you can’t get this special deal on the web site (because then everybody could get it and you wouldn’t be special) so give us a call at 452-1189 and we’ll set you right up.

It’s the kind of event even “I hate events” people can get really enthused about.

And it matters.  The funds raised at this event are not just appreciated, but necessary, as we continue to provide the programming you, and the rest of our community, depend on.  This year you’re supporting Arts United, too, as we work together to provide content and performances that enrich our community experiences. Please do join us.



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