No, that isn’t how it was supposed to sound.

Everybody makes mistakes.  Not everybody broadcasts them.  We do.

If you were listening this morning to Morning Edition, you heard a larger than life mistake, the airing of an unedited report that was mistakenly put into the rotation to be played (while the nicely edited version floated around somewhere else).

We’d feel badly about that (and worried) no matter what the segment was, but we’re particularly dismayed because it was our movie review, done weekly by the Cinema Center’s Catherine Lee.  That segment is one of our local treasures and one of the things that makes Morning Edition on Fridays such special listening. Catherine is an exquisite reviewer and we’re so proud to have her reviewing for you through us.

Not so proud of ourselves this morning.  No excuses, just apologies.

I don’t think it will happen again.  Something else, no doubt, but not this.

Hope your Friday night is a good one.



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One response to “No, that isn’t how it was supposed to sound.

  1. Renee Wright

    At the time I heard I it, I was mortified on your behalf, but then… on the other hand, it got me to thinking about all the behind-the-scenes production work that us listeners never hear and never realize. I suspect that most of us, like me, just think Catherine trots into your studio and reels off a perfect movie review. So this was a really fascinating peek at the “before” version and the editing that your folks do to give us perfect. A bit of a behind-the-scenes tour, so to speak–a look at the zoo animals being fed, the bread being baked. In a weird way, I’m glad I got to hear it.

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