Wanted: a big parking spot.

Can I just say that we are off-the-chart enthusiastic about StoryCorps?  The community meeting last night was great – thanks to all who came and all who wanted to – and then today our staff spent a couple of hours with Jenna Weiss-Berman, our StoryCorps site coordinator, and now we are really excited.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us – public radio – to host something that will benefit individuals, families, the community, and . . . posterity!

Tomorrow Jenna and I are going scouting for the perfect place for the StoryCorps Airstream mobile recording unit to “live” while StoryCorps is in Fort Wayne, July 6 – August 1. 

Here’s what we’re looking for:  Someplace welcoming to the entire community, someplace accessible and with some parking, a place that has restrooms available during the recording hours, which includes Saturday and Sunday, a place that perhaps has some iconic meaning in the community, a visible place so that people know StoryCorps is here.  There are a couple technical requirements, like access to some serious electrical hook-ups (let me know if you want the particulars), but it’s all pretty simple.

And they know some places are more of a security risk than others and seem OK with that.  They want to be close to the people whose stories they want to record. And to be honest, they kind of figure that people with resources will travel to wherever the unit is — they are more concerned with being accessible to people without resources.

They’ve parked the Airstream in lots of places, like library plazas, public parks, court-house lawns, cultural centers, schools, all kinds of places and we’ve got a pretty good list.But I keep thinking we might be missing someplace wonderful that I really should show Jenna.

Got any ideas?

Oh, the other thing they really look for is an enthusiastic partner.  They want to park the unit on the property of an organization that is truly excited about having them there.

Love to hear from you,




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3 responses to “Wanted: a big parking spot.

  1. I am sure that you have already thought of this, but the Main Library has some great spaces to park things: Library Plaza and the Ewing Street driveway.

  2. Lauren Caggiano

    Freiman Square?

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