And the good news . . .

At 50 minutes past the end of the pledge drive, it’s actually all good news from where I sit. 

Joan, Phil, Kevin - Yep, every day felt a little the same.

I can’t tell you everything about the post-drive celebration, but it involved the reenactment of the totally inspiring romp through the field that you’ve seen a million times at the beginning of “Little House on the Prairie.” Don’t ask, cause we won’t tell, but the laughter, camaraderie, and just pure pleasure of working through a gruelling week with people of character and passion just shone out everywhere. 

We fell short of our goal, but we set it high.  That’s me, thinking that if you set the goals low and always make them, your constituencies believe that you have no need.  If we really set our two pledge drive goals at the point that provided all the funds we need from members, we’d need to set them at $250,000 twice a year.  So falling short of the original $150,000 wasn’t any big surprise.  We were almost more surprised – and grateful – that we were able to break $100,000 mark, considering the unprecedented slow start we got earlier in the week.

With a 1 pm total of something over $106,000 and knowing that more will continue to come in all week-end and next week, I’m not at all discouraged.

In fact, from a manger’s standpoint, this has been one pretty awesome week.  We knew we had a big problem early in the week, and in a late night meeting on Tuesday, Dave Hunter and I looked at what was happening and strategized a way out.  And it worked – from the first break on Wednesday morning, things were different and the connection with our listeners was so much stronger.  What manager doesn’t love it when things get better because people figured it out?

Celebration point #2 was that every single member of this staff was fully invested in this work this week.  Every single one.  You could feel it in this place.  Visitors and volunteers commented about how much fun people were having and what positive energy was flowing.  And even better from my standpoint, staff members were telling me that they were glad to be part of this.  (What? We’re way below goal and you all are feeling that good about this place?) And their work ethic and their commitment to quality proves it.

And the third reason that this feels like success to me is that all week, listeners told us, over and over again, that their lives would not be as well-informed, as enriched, as complete, if they didn’t have this resource. And they backed it up with funding, over and over again.  It’s worth working this hard to keep this station healthy and here.  It is, really.

We’re coming back tonight for a live “house party” version of Folk Tales with the group Cluster Folk (I know. I’ve begged everyone to not introduce them any more than we have to — and FCC police, we’re saying “cluster folk”, not, well, you know.)  It’s always a fun way to wrap this week up.

So the good news is . . . it was, I think, exactly what it needed to be.

And, thanks.



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