Have we ever done this before?

“Really, have we ever done this before?”

It was one of those mornings, as we launched into the first full day of live pledge driving.  With quite a few new people on staff and lots of moving parts, it was an interesting challenge, but we’re having fun. So if you thought maybe you heard a testimonial playing over the news, yep, you did. And if you thought there was a really awkward pause or something or other just before BBC, yep, there was. What you couldn’t see was the wild scurrying as the technical sorts here tried to figure out what was happening.  Anytime we mess with the “usual” we open ourselves up to interesting anomalies.  I’m grateful that the technical sorts here are just really good and that nobody depends on me to figure anything out when stuff starts to go haywire.  My role is to stay quiet, out of the way, and then say “Good job, everyone”, when we’re back on track.

 How great was it to have Jeanette Dillon with us, early in the morning, like old times, as we started Morning Edition at 6 am!  We made a good start, with about $10,000 raised and a $5000 challenge match from current members.  The phones have been busy and the pledge forms are piling up, so we’re on our way.  Other great friends will be in all during the week – Rachel Blakeman from the Mayor’s Office, a super supporter of public radio, will be in during ATC today and she’s always a treat.

Phil Shaull, Jackie Didier, Joan Brown, Kevin Kreigh, David Hunter, Ed Didier, Jennifer DePoy

We did celebrate the actual birthday of Midday Matters and had to look back sort of amazed at how far we’ve come in a year. I figure that we’ve had more than 500 guests during this year – and shared huge amounts of information, news, commentary, and opinion. Still a long way to go – lots to improve and tweak – but we love that this is part of our line-up.  We hope to hear from MM listeners all week.

So, even with the glitches, it’s been a good day so far and we’re looking forward to a memorable, successful week full of great conversations with listeners.  I hope you are one of those conversations.





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2 responses to “Have we ever done this before?

  1. The forced smile on Dave’s face is priceless. He’s like, “take the #%$% picture, and bring on the cake already.”

    See you tomorrow afternoon!

    • I was definitely that annoying boss who made everybody pose with the cake, in the studio. It’s a huge cake – and there’d still be some for you tomorrow if you want to ignore the whole gluten thing. Thanks for coming in!

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