Fueling for launch.

Pledge drive phone lines are open and we are so ready! “Pledge lite” week-end gives week-end listeners an opportunity to get in on the action, without having the drive seem like it lasts for two weeks instead of five days.  So it’s a little more low-key on air, but not in the building.

Food is an important part of the drive and I think it’s so fun that everybody has their own favorite “pledge drive” favorite.  Jeanette Dillon is going to be back in the studio with us on Monday morning (gonna be so fun) so we stocked up on pub mix, knowing that she’ll be looking for it. We’ve got phone answerers that count on fresh popcorn.  I have to have cases of Diet Pepsi (that’s kind of everyday, but still).  And the freezer is stocked with frozen pizza and ice cream bars.  We do try to add fruit and cheese into the mix, but that junk food still gets the most votes.

All during the week, listeners here what goes on on-air and if you call, you get an idea of what phone answerers do.  But behind the scenes there’s a lot of activity.  We process each day’s pledges that very day, so Jackie and David are busy keeping things up to date.  This year we’re using a lot more pre-recorded spots and testimonials, and that will keep Kevin, Phil, and Matt busy making sure everything fires at the right time (we’re learning as we go so cut us some slack if you hear a miscue now and then!). And the building is buzzing with extra people (wonderful people) who come in to help, to bring us treats, and just to encourage us.  Lots of goings on.  And it is exciting. 

Our staff is as small as it’s been for a very long time, so everyone is really working double-time this spring. Nobody says “That’s not my job” and we just talked this morning about the great feeling that we’ve all got each other’s backs as we go into this important week. Keeping everybody fueled, rested, and encouraged (we worry when the phones get quiet) takes a little planning and a lot of chocolate.

So food is important!  Fueled up, ready to go.  Thanks for listening.



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