Call me.

We’re starting to pull the pieces together for the oh-so-exciting visit from StoryCorps during July.  I’d call where we are right now the “outreach phase” and there may just be a place for you.

One of the most important tenets of the StoryCorps concept is that the stories recorded during a visit should represent all of a community, not just pub radio listeners.  And the StoryCorps leadership has designed a great mechanism for helping that happen – the Community Meeting.  My job is to invite the appropriate people to the Meeting, which, in turn, assures us that the project as a whole will be successful.

So we’re asking for some favors — if you live, work, volunteer or just hang out with a group that needs to be represented as we fill the StoryCorps interview slots and are able to serve as an ambassador in informing and encouraging that demographic slice to participate in the project, I’d like to include you on our Community Meeting guest list.  There is some responsibility here.  StoryCorps wants at least half of our interviews to highlight an underserved or marginalized part of the community and we can’t do that unless we have some outreach into those groups, formal and informal, that represent all of northeast Indiana.

The list could be endless, I think, and I’m concerned that we’ll miss someone with a story that so needs to be included in northeast Indiana’s archive.  Do you touch a segment of our population that might not participate if someone doesn’t take the initiative to encourage that participation?

Your input is important.  The Community Meeting will be on April 28 at 7pm at the Library.  If you think you should be there, or know of someone else who should, or you’ve aware of a segment that you’re pretty sure I’ll miss, email me at or if you’d rather, give me a call and we’ll talk about it.  My direct line is 260-918-1099.

Thanks for your help,




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2 responses to “Call me.

  1. You’re on the list, Rick. We look forward to having you participate!

  2. rick ritter

    in response to the storytelling component – i would be happy to participate in april if it is beneficial – i represent to some extent therapist, disabled people, work in a church community, work in after school program , work with homeless addicted men, organic gardener, disabled athlete, father-grandfather, author

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