Do not make it blue.

When was the last time you talked to somebody at a nonprofit that was truly happy with their web site?  Me, neither.  It’s an ongoing struggle, for organizations with limited budgets, to design, maintain, and continually improve their electronic presence.

We’re no different.  In fact, we’re probably in a more challenging place than many, because we just haven’t focused on this at all.  Public radio stations have access (for a fee) to tools that make it fairly easy to have a site that functions, but make it difficult to have a site with imagination, character, and true efficiency.

Nobody here is happy with our site, but it does make our streaming available, get our program guide out there, provide a platform for announcements about events and changes. and provide a portal for contributions.  And that’s about it. If you’re the clever sort, you will be able to find podcasts of Midday Matters, our staff and board lists, and a community calendar.  If you’re not the clever sort, you call us and we help you through the maze.

So, we’re embarking on the great adventure of web site redesign.  I’m totally confident that we’re going to end up with something light years ahead of where we are.  David Hunter, membership manager, and Kevin Kreigh, program director, have taken an interesting and productive approach and I have tried (tried, I said) to keep my hands off and let them each bring their unique perspectives to the work.  No doubt we’ll be using some outside help (if you have recommendations, we’d appreciate hearing about people that you’ve enjoyed working with), but with our limited budget I am so grateful for staff members who are willing to work outside the space they were hired to live in.

We’d love to hear from you – if you visit our site from time to time and find something particularly useful or annoying, if there are things you wish we had, if you’d like to see the news stories that you’re hearing during the day featured more prominently (again, if you’re clever or just persistent, you’ve found these links), or if there are things you’re pretty sure nobody here has thought of but you think would be great additions.  You can comment here or email David directly at  (And next I will tell him I’ve invited you to do so.) 

Our web site is quite simply an extension of our service to our community and we want it to function that way, so let us hear from you.

It’s Monday.  Hope yours is progressing nicely.



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