StoryCorps is coming to NE Indiana!

This is such great news!  StoryCorps will be spending a month in Fort Wayne, during July, to record all the stories that have made us who and what we are in this region.

If you listen to Morning Edition on WBOI on Friday mornings, you know something about StoryCorps, those short segments that consist of one person interviewing another – not professional interviewers, but friends, family members, acquaintances, teachers, students, everyday people with their own stories to tell.

These stories come from StoryCorps’ trips around the country, inviting all of us to add our own.  Some of those stories are aired on NPR, many are aired on the local affiliate (that’s us!) and all of them, every single one, get archived at the Library of Congress so that years from now we will be part of a “bottom-up” history of life as it was lived in this century.   StoryCorps has as its mission “to instruct and inspire Americans to record one another’s stories in sound.”

It’s so great to have things to be enthused about and I am wildly excited about bringing this remarkable program to our community.  We are proud, here at NIPR, to be hosting StoryCorps.

And there’s a role for everyone in making this successful.  Our first order of business is to arrange a community meeting that will include all sorts of folks who can help us get the word out about this project.  Even though StoryCorps is heard on our station, we want a much broader scope than our listeners (although we certainly want all of you) and we need help to effectively invite every demographic in our communities to participate.  In the month that the MobileBooth is in Fort Wayne, we would expect to record close to 150 forty-min. interviews.  We want those interviews to represent the totality of our population and present a true record of who we are.

So, please let me know of individuals or organizations that we simply must have at our April 28 community meeting so we can include them on our invitation list.  You can just post a comment here – that might help others think of people we’re missing – or send me an email at

And think about that special person that you would like to interview during the StoryCorps visit.  You’ll be able to reserve your interview time online and I’ll let you know when that’s available, shortly after the April meeting.

 You can learn more about the StoryCorps project at their web site

Or you can ask me.  And then I would just go on and on in person as opposed to just going on and on in writing.

Here’s to our stories,




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2 responses to “StoryCorps is coming to NE Indiana!

  1. Erica

    The Allen County Public Library would be a great partner for this project!

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