Changing our mind about the wine!

I am so excited – people who know me know it doesn’t take much, but I really am.

After a lot of deliberation, we had decided that we wouldn’t produce our annual wine tasting event this spring. Bottom line – we just weren’t making enough money, with venue costs, to justify the huge amounts of time and energy going into the event.  There are so many good things about that event – we’d been doing it for more than twenty years; it had some very loyal fans; we had a the logistics down to a science.  But in the end, we just weren’t coming out on top. And we didn’t feel like it was really connecting us to people very well.  Guests would leave the event loving the wine, but not really know that they had been supporting public radio by attending. We want our events to grow relationships.

So we cancelled it last Monday.  And on  Tuesday, we brought it back!

I love it when things work out in a surprising, promising way. 

Our great friends at Arts United had been thinking about an event to wrap up their fund-raising efforts in late spring/early summer and as Jim Sparrow, the AU Executive Director, and I talked about our event and their needs, it just seemed like a really good idea to partner on the Wine Tasting and bring it back (although nobody but us really knew it was gone) in an updated, revitalized form.  So we’re going to be partners and there will be a Wine Tasting!

Mark your calendars – Saturday, June 19, at the Arts United Center.  More intriguing details to come.  We do know a few things that you can definitely expect: fabulous wine to sip and love, great food,  marvelous music to set the tone, and a silent auction of exciting wine-related items. (We’re hoping to have some favorites from last year on the auction list again –  The Trustees’ Choice selection of great wines from our Board and those sexy red swirly wine glasses from Mexico. If you missed out last year, you’ve got another chance!).  Dan and Krista Stockman, such great friends of the station, and the authors of the Journal-Gazette’s Uncorked column will share their expertise throughout the evening.

New venue, new partners, new ideas, new excitement!

And an opportunity to help financially strengthen your public radio station and Arts United and their partner organizations.  It’s a big win.

It’ll be great.



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