Here’s what a JazzFest looks like . . .

Dan Stockman, Board member Krista Stockman, Julie Cox, Board member Adam Cox - JazzFest regulars!

 . . . people having fun. Steve Linsenmayer, a great photographer, journalist, development professional, and friend of public radio shared his talents and sent some great pictures.  More to come, but here’s a taste.

Rob Dixon, playing with the Todd Harrold Band, brought down the house.

The not-completely-final report is that we made money, which is always good!  Perhaps not as much as we would have liked, but it certainly isn’t because of lack of effort or cooperation.  Our bands always give us excellent rates, allow us to use their music on the sample CD (it is incredible), and work so hard to give our guests such a good night.  Thanks to all of you!

We sold more tickets and had higher attendance than last year – what an interesting, diverse, enthusiastic crowd!  I love that about this event – a full house of old friends, new friends, people we’re meeting for the first time, and everybody so crazy about the music.  Lots of folks took advantage of the discount price on advance tickets and we had a great student attendance as well.

The challenging part this year was securing corporate sponsorships and that’s always where an event can really bring in some great support.  It’s a tough year for many of our business friends, so we understand the difficulty.  We’re especially grateful for those who were able to sponsor.

And if you were there and thought it was well run — the credit goes to an awesome staff led by our event planner, Lea, and a whole group of truly committed volunteers who offer to help, work so hard, and then thank us for letting them come.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Can’t wait to do it again next year. (OK, maybe we can wait a little bit.)  Thanks, everyone.

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