Nobody’s bored at the board meeting.

I looked around this evening during our board meeting and had the fleeting thought, “It’s amazing that these people show up month after month.”  We have heavy issues to deal with and no easy answers and while we have good news from time to time ($300,000 grant, thank you), right now NIPR’s board has a lot to puzzle through.

I’m there because this matters to me, a lot, and because I get paid to do this job.  These people – these community members from large corporations and small companies, community volunteers with years of nonprofit experience and young professionals in their first board positions- come because they are passionate, really passionate about public radio and its place in this region.  They can’t imagine living someplace where Morning Edition couldn’t be heard or where they didn’t experience “driveway moments”.  They’ve come to count on something different, deeper, wider – not that they always agree with what they hear, but they want to keep hearing it, and they want their friends, colleagues, neighbors, kids, well, everybody, to hear it, too.

And so, they show up to provide “governance”, leadership, direction, and oversight of our organization.  I noticed that during the almost two hour meeting tonight almost every member spoke several times.   Everybody had something to contribute and felt free to do so.  This board functions differently than any one I’ve ever worked with when it comes to participation.  I like it.  It’s lively and intelligent and works toward conclusion.  Not perfect, but always moving. 

We’re working to add some new, equally passionate people to this group to help us move through the next chapter in our organizational story.  Thinkers, imagineers, workers, strategists, givers, listeners.  Somebody come to mind that we might be missing?  I’d love to hear about it.


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