Fest of the Jazz!

Tomorrow (Friday) is WBOI’s annual jazz fest.  Good news – it’s gonna be great.  Awesome bands – seriously, these local musicians are just fabulous.  When I listened to the sampler CD that attendees will get as part of their ticket price, I was blown away. I LOVE that WBOI has such a great relationship with these talented people.  The three-story venue of the Chamber of Commerce building really lends itself to the multi-stage concept and creates such a winsome ambiance.  I’m so glad we can hold this event in that space. Ticket sales have been really good and that fends off my usual “Nobody is going to come” panic.  Add all of that to an exceptional event manager (Yay, Lea!) and we’re set for a great night.

Bad news – it’s a “special event.”  I’m not really the biggest special event fan.  It’s so HARD to make events really pay from an organizational standpoint.  So much staff time goes into producing a great event, that in the end, it’s really hard to actually make money.  It’s not hard to make it look like you made money — it’s hard to really, really make money. So after every event, we debate whether it’s worth it.  To my thinking an event should do one of three things to make sense: Further the mission of the organization; attract new members or donors; or make a truckload of cash.  We’re working to make this event an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our current members, to encourage more people to listen for the first time, or make the jump from listener to member.  But we’ve got a way to go on the truckload of cash criteria.

But the reality is, this event feels so very, very good. I loved it last year and so did the people who came.  My “job” was to greet people at the door and then thank them for coming as they leave, and it was so wonderful to send people off into the night feeling so good about the music, about being part of the evening, and we’re hoping, about WBOI as the host.

So, dollars aside, and hopefully, we’ll make a few, I’m looking forward to a great night of simply meeting people who love music.

Visit www.nipr.fm or give us a call at 452-1189 if you’d like to check it out. Or just show up at the Chamber at 7 and buy your ticket then. I’ll be at the door. 




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2 responses to “Fest of the Jazz!

  1. Renee Wright

    So at the end of the day, how did the event do? Sure looked to me as if there were more people there than ever enjoying themselves, and the diverse musical styles of the various groups was such a treat. We thought it was a fabulous evening!

    • We’ll count the $$ on Monday, but we were very happy. It was a little hard to judge the crowd, since we had the lower level open this year as well as the top two, but we sold more advanced tickets and seemed to be doing good at the door. What made it fabulous was the incredible music and the enthusiasm of the crowd – so thanks for doing your part!

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