The gang’s all here.

I think real news people love days like today and yesterday.  At least that’s how it looked around the studios.  Matt Dance, our morning host, Phil Shaull, news director, and Kevin Kreigh, program director, were, I think, having a pretty good time figuring out how to best cover the storm, the closings, and the possibility that it would be hard to get into work this morning.  Mr. Dance slept at the studio and Mr. Shaull came in in the middle of the night.  Newsmen in your service, community.

But it wasn’t just the news crew who showed up.  Everybody was in the office today.  There was a donor mailing that needed to go out.  JazzFest is just two days away (got your tickets?) and corporate partners to be contacted.  Budgets to be managed, bills to be paid, and plans to be made. And some pretty interesting problem solving.  It’s energizing when there’s that much activity on a day when lots of people in other places found reasons (and pretty good ones) for staying home.

Tip top: Julia Meek Back Row: Phil Shaull, David Hunter, Andy Diekroger, Luke Grossman, Jackie Didier, Lea Denny  Middle Row: Janice Furtner, Ed Didier, Doug Gruber, Joan Brown   Front: Stan Whippo, Kevin Kreigh

Thanks for always showing up, Good People!


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